Indispensable Economics

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to suggest ways in which the insights of the Austrian school of economics can be applied to the... (Read more)
Some people treat Catholic Social Teachings in the same way that the Church treats revealed dogma—as mostly unchanging, but that there can be some... (Read more)

Back to Nature

By Dr. William Luckey

There are a number of Catholics, thankfully not too many, who believe that it would be more pleasing to God if we all gave up our highly technical... (Read more)


By Dr. William Luckey

To many Catholics a martyr is one who dies for the Faith, usually by open persecution. We think of the Apostles, St. Stephen, St. Peter of Verona,... (Read more)

Population-Control Weirdos

By Dr. William Luckey

The population-control weirdos believe that people are a blight on the planet. (I am not being harsh calling them weirdos—wait until you see my... (Read more)

There’s a Bridge…

By Dr. William Luckey

"Cash For Clunkers." This, as everybody knows, was the administration’s plan to get environmentally unsound cars off the road. The idea was that... (Read more)

What a Character!

By Dr. William Luckey

A thorough reading of the Old Testament will show that the worst, and the most persistent, sin that the Chosen People committed was that of... (Read more)

My Money Lies over the Ocean…

By Dr. William Luckey

In our last entry we discussed the necessity of savings for economic growth. It is savings which buys capital goods so that we can have consumer... (Read more)

Savings, Schmavings!

By Dr. William Luckey

Dear Dr. Luckey, I realize that savings is good for the individual—for contingencies, vacations, retirement—but why is it good for the nation as a... (Read more)

Stimulate This!

By Dr. William Luckey

It is very seldom that economists have a laboratory in order to test theories. For an Austrian, this is not a problem because the axioms of... (Read more)

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