Inside the Church during WWII

When I began to write this particular series, I had little idea where it would take me. This is unusual, as normally there is a carefully planned... (Read more)

Non-European Catholics and World War Two

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

For many, the Second World War was first and foremost a European conflict. However, from a US perspective, the war had a distinctly non-European... (Read more)
If the story of Belgium brought some relief in what has often been a quite dark story of the Catholic Church in the Second World War: here, at... (Read more)
After the ambiguities of France and the outright collaboration of priests and bishops in countries such as Croatia and Slovakia, the story of... (Read more)
As seen in last week’s article, the Church in France was particularly badly placed to provide a unified response to the challenges posed by the... (Read more)
In this series so far, it has become quite clear just how diversified and extreme the different experiences of the Catholic Church were during the... (Read more)


By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

Apart from Slovakia, there was nowhere in Europe did the Catholic Church identify itself so closely with a Nazi regime as in Croatia. This is the... (Read more)
This article will examine the Catholics on the south-eastern end of the Church’s traditional reach, those of the Czech lands, Slovakia and... (Read more)

Poland: the Persecuted Church

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

In his biography of Bl. Pope John Paul II, George Weigel noted that there was wide-spread collaboration between the Communist regime and members... (Read more)
In this series there have been several references to Poland already. No other country suffered from the war to quite the same degree as Poland. It... (Read more)

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