Inside the Church during WWII

So far in these articles on Germany we have encountered outright support and collaboration, quiet resistance, and attempts to preserve the essence... (Read more)
For Germany’s Catholic Church, the accession to absolute power of the Nazis ushered in a period of acute suffering and persecution. Here was a... (Read more)
Next to Italy, no other country shaped the experience of the Catholic Church during the Second World War as much as Germany. That this is... (Read more)
In this, our last installment on the Church during the Second World War in Italy, we will examine the experiences of the Church during the German... (Read more)
The relationship between the Catholic Church in Italy and the country’s Fascist regime began seriously to unravel in the year 1938. Until then,... (Read more)
By the early 1930s, the Church and Mussolini both realized that the Concordat and the Lateran Treaty had not really delivered what they had... (Read more)

The Church, Mussolini and Fascism

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

So far in this series, we have been examining specific issues concerning the Catholic Church and its history during the Second World War. Through... (Read more)
So far, we have examined several elements pertinent to the role played by Pope Pius XII during the Second World War. Of these, his relationship... (Read more)

Pope Pius XII and Germany

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

It is frequently said that Eugenio Pacelli had a profound love for Germany. This is rarely an innocent statement: it usually means to imply... (Read more)

Pope Pius XII and the Jews

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

The single most controversial element of recent Catholic history has to be the relationship between Pope Pius XII and the Jews. This... (Read more)

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