Inside the Church during WWII

The Role of Pope Pius XII

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

To many, the role of Pope Pius XII during the Second World War, and in particular his action or lack of action on behalf of the Jewish people, are... (Read more)

The Church and the Spanish Civil War

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

In many respects, the war that ripped apart Spain between 1936 and 1939 was the testing ground for the fate awaiting the Church across... (Read more)

The threat from Communism

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

“He thought that once the economy had been put right, everything would automatically be put right. His real error is materialism: man, in... (Read more)

Prelude: Inside the Church during WWII

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D.

With an industrialized violence that claimed untold lives in indescribable fashion, the old world came to an end. It did so in four long years,... (Read more)
I would like to begin this new series with a look back to last year, and to the event that, for Catholics, will be one of the abiding memories of... (Read more)

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