Led Into the Truth

Post-Christmas Diagnostics

By Fr. Joshua Allen

It’s over. The parties, the feasts, the gifts, the returns, the re-gifting, the feverish spending of gift card money. The leftovers are finally... (Read more)

Draw near, O Lord!

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Draw near, O Lord, Holy Father, Almighty and Eternal God. These words mark the beginning of the prayer of consecration that my bishop will... (Read more)

Not in Kansas anymore

By Fr. Joshua Allen

My days as a seminarian are drawing to a close. These seven years have been nothing short of miraculous, and the end to which they lead will be... (Read more)

The silence of St. Peter’s

By Fr. Joshua Allen

When the prayers began before the Mass of Beatification, the sky was a steely grey.  That morning at 5 a.m., the outlook had been grim, with heavy... (Read more)

Laetare, Ierusalem

By Fr. Joshua Allen

This weekend, we celebrate Laetare Sunday. In Churches all over the world, “rose” will grace the altars of the Lord, the organ will be once again... (Read more)

Beato Subito

By Fr. Joshua Allen

I was sitting in a little restaurant around the corner from the Vatican a couple of nights ago with some visitors from the United States whom I... (Read more)

Cantare amantis est

By Fr. Joshua Allen

I stood behind the altar, hands pressed together, glaring into the lights, seeing the faces of many of the fifteen thousand people gathered... (Read more)

Diaconate ordination, part 1

By Fr. Joshua Allen

I was ordained to the transitional diaconate by the imposition of hands and the prayer of ordination on October 7, 2010, the Feast of Our Lady of... (Read more)

Reality Lurking

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Okay folks, it’s getting pretty real. I am on retreat this week praying that I will be a faithful servant of God. Don’t worry – I’m not cheating... (Read more)
I remember how it happened, just like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my office at home. I was surrounded by theological books. I had... (Read more)

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