Led Into the Truth

To Visit and Be Visited

By Fr. Joshua Allen

My mother returned to the Lord just months before I entered Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in August 2005.  She had fought a long battle with a... (Read more)

Beginnings and Ends

By Fr. Joshua Allen

In my home diocese of Atlanta, all of the seminarians gather on Wednesday evenings for Mass and dinner, which is an opportunity to meet new men... (Read more)

A Moveable Feast

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Each of us has a different experience of what it means to be part of a parish.  For some people, their parish is something geographically close to... (Read more)

The Grand Adventure

By Fr. Joshua Allen

A few days ago, I was in St. Mary Major, one of the four major basilicas in Rome.  I had some friends in town, and we decided to see one of the... (Read more)
Every Sunday, thousands of people gather in St. Peter’s Square. Their faces are filled with anticipation, excitement, and joy. More often than... (Read more)

His Mercy Endures Forever

By Fr. Joshua Allen

I remember watching anxiously on television while Pope John Paul II was dying.  He had been the only Pope I ever knew; his face was the face of... (Read more)

Sweet Hosannas

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Holy Week, the pinnacle of the Christian liturgical year, has begun.  I once again, through the grace of God, find myself in the Holy Land.  I... (Read more)

The Way of the Cross

By Fr. Joshua Allen

One of my favorite poets is William Butler Yeats. He inspires me with his beautiful verse, but his subject matter is often disturbing. "The Second... (Read more)

The Time that Matters

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Time is an odd thing. We mostly have too much or too little; if too much, we are bored, desperate to find something to occupy our minds, our... (Read more)

The Beginnings of Listening

By Fr. Joshua Allen

    Silence: both a blessing and a curse, the sweet incense of a moment of tranquility, when we have succeeded in escaping the turbulence of our... (Read more)

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