Movie Reviews

The Beaver

By Conor Gilliland

“Everything’s going to be ok,” is a phrase you often hear in the midst of suffering. After a loved one dies, when a bone is broken, or in the... (Read more)


By Conor Gilliland

“The Book of Eli,” “Firefly” (a TV series), and 2011's “Priest” all have something in common. They all portray a religious man who is an... (Read more)


By Conor Gilliland

Kenneth Branagh has struck super-hero gold with his latest directing achievement – “Thor” – as he brings a touch of virtue and humor to the most... (Read more)


By Conor Gilliland

What would really happen if someone tried to be a super-hero? James Gunn asks the question with his recent IFC release “Super” in a naïve, if not... (Read more)
Somewhere between the parking lot and the beginning of this film, I was gently escorted from the world of speeding-tickets and insurance policies... (Read more)
With the release of “Tangled,” its 50th animated feature, Walt Disney Pictures offers a beautifully dazzling, charming and heartfelt re-telling of... (Read more)

The Karate Kid

By Katherine Haas

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith hit the screen in this hard-hitting contemporary take on the old story of the impatient student and the wise old... (Read more)
No movie this year had funnier previews than “Despicable Me”. I’ll admit I have a penchant for animated movies, but from the moment the first... (Read more)
Before actually seeing “Inception,” it was a sincere challenge not to be swept into the major buildup behind the film, which is famed director... (Read more)

The Last Airbender

By CNA Staff

Critics have hailed “The Last Airbender” as a disaster and as an end of the career of director M. Night. Shyamalan. And while the movie does boast... (Read more)

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