Not by Sight

Goal oriented

By Cheryl Dickow

Where do you see yourself in five years?In ten?What do you want to be when you grow up?If you win the lottery what would you do?We get asked... (Read more)

Lousy Godparents

By Cheryl Dickow

You’ve been poorly catechized and didn’t really understand the role of a Godparent for your newborn baby and so you gave this honor to your... (Read more)

Mental illness

By Cheryl Dickow

“If I have to be plagued with mental illness, then I’m going to be the best mentally ill patient I can be!” proclaimed 60-something Amy.I half... (Read more)

Healing oils of the Bible

By Cheryl Dickow

The Bible is filled with references to oils, spices, balms and the traders and merchants who sold, bartered, and used them. They are... (Read more)

The 'dead to me' list

By Cheryl Dickow

I’ve read that the Clintons have a “dead to me” list. Specifically, it seems that Hillary does in regards to her presidential campaign. I... (Read more)

The dignity of work

By Cheryl Dickow

“From the beginning therefore he [man] is called to work. Work is one of the characteristics that distinguish man from the rest of creatures,... (Read more)
I don’t really follow Pope Francis; however, as a Catholic I certainly regard the Pope with the respect and honor due his position as successor... (Read more)


By Cheryl Dickow

Throughout history the word “light” has been used to portray goodness, charity, kindness, and salvation. Light, after all, removes... (Read more)

Why we still love Lucy

By Cheryl Dickow

I’ve always watched I Love Lucy. Lately, though, I notice that there is something about it that speaks to me in a very personal way. It sort... (Read more)

The perfect Christmas basket

By Cheryl Dickow

As television commercials and store circulars clamor for you time and money this Christmas season, you may be feeling – like so many others... (Read more)

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