Russell Shaw

We Need Truth

By Russell Shaw

Statements by Pope Francis and American bishops reacting to the Church’s sex abuse scandal suggest they are serious about getting to the roots of... (Read more)
In the half-century since Pope Paul VI published his encyclical Humanae Vitae reaffirming that contraception is always wrong, opponents of the... (Read more)
On the eve of the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, Pope Francis led a crowd of 20,000 in St. Peter’s Square in prayer for a successful outcome of... (Read more)

The Kennedy succession

By Russell Shaw

For Americans on both sides of social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court... (Read more)
Just 70 years ago this month a slender novel bearing the innocuous title The Loved One made its appearance in the United States. My copy, a first... (Read more)
Rumors have been flying around Washington that Justice Anthony Kennedy will announce his retirement from the Supreme Court shortly after the... (Read more)
Barring further developments (and let’s hope that there aren’t any), the kerfuffle over the Catholic chaplain of the House of Representatives... (Read more)
According to reports, evangelical leaders are planning a gathering that will bring a thousand pastors to Washington later this spring to make... (Read more)

Viri probati

By Russell Shaw

The news that Pope Francis has set in motion the planning for a synod of bishops of the Amazon region next year may not strike most U.S. Catholics... (Read more)
In his much discussed indictment of secularized liberal democracy, Polish philosopher and sometime government minister Ryszard Legutko writes... (Read more)