Russell Shaw

Christmas Blues

By Russell Shaw

For many people, the season of good cheer is a deeply trying affair. I don’t mean unhappy souls who have good reason to be sad—the loss of loved... (Read more)
Many social conservatives, though by no means all, were ecstatic at the election of Donald Trump. Whether they’ll still be ecstatic a few months... (Read more)
When the pot is boiling, turn down the heat. You can’t be sure, but that could well have been part of the reasoning behind Pope’s Francis’s... (Read more)
At the end of October Pope Francis will travel to Sweden to join a Lutheran World Federation observance opening the 500th anniversary year of... (Read more)
Last June five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court thumbed their noses at religious liberty. They accomplished that without spoken comment... (Read more)
In a message to a gathering of bishops of the Americas in Bogota, Colombia, Pope Francis made a point that’s always worth recalling but especially... (Read more)

What are voters to do?

By Russell Shaw

If this presidential campaign isn’t the strangest race for the White House ever, it  will do until a stranger one comes along—and I’m in no hurry... (Read more)
I’d been running into references to the book every now and then for years. People told me I really ought to read it. But somehow I never got... (Read more)
Eighty-eight years ago a Happy Warrior from the streets of New York ran for President of the United States. His name was Al Smith, and he deserves... (Read more)
Speaking at a memorial service for the five Dallas police officers killed by a gunman in retaliation for police shootings of blacks, President... (Read more)

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