On November 21, Pope Benedict XVI gathered 250 artists in the Sistine Chapel in an effort to renew the long friendship between art and the Church,... (Read more)

Can Catholics paint icons?

By David Clayton

Whenever I write about icons, there very often are comments from readers suggesting that Catholics can’t paint icons. The iconographic tradition,... (Read more)
“Beauty is indeed a good gift of God” – St. Augustine, City of God, Chapter 22   Beauty is an integral and essential part of the Catholic... (Read more)

Novelty vs. Beauty

By Erik Bootsma

When I tell Catholics I meet that I’m an architect, invariably they ask me, “Why doesn’t the church I attend look like a church?  Why don’t they... (Read more)
In Life In eras previous to our own, there was often concern about the effect of musical styles on our moral lives, from ancient Greece all the... (Read more)
Every time I paint I have to ask myself two questions: what will I paint? And how will I paint it? The answers to these questions govern the... (Read more)
In his 1999 Letter to Artists, Pope John Paul II writes, “Every genuine artistic intuition goes beyond what the senses perceive and, reaching... (Read more)
Living and working for a time in Krakow -- the city that John Paul the Second loved -- I have been struck with numerous lessons regarding music,... (Read more)

What is the future of Catholic Art?

By Hamilton Reed Armstrong

If there is to be a genuine Renaissance of Catholic art in our times, rather than ape the convolutions and idiocies of the secular art world, we... (Read more)
It is a fascinating realization that our ancient Catholic Mass, when applied within the totality of our faith, just happens to correspond to what... (Read more)

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