The Dispute on the Humanum

Towards the Synod on the Family 2014

By Fr. Gilfredo Marengo

The will to scrutinize the first acts of government of a new Pope is a comprehensible common mark of every beginning of a pontificate. It is... (Read more)

Body and love

By Fr. Gilfredo Marengo

The reflections on human love are central in the magisterium of John Paul II. These reflections, well known from his more frequently quoted... (Read more)

To learn to love

By Fr. Gilfredo Marengo

Reflecting on John Paul II’s heritage and linking it to his unique focus on themes of human love, marriage and the family is both... (Read more)
In his first encyclical, Pope Francis does not fail to offer a quick, but no less interesting, reference to Vatican II.Two fundamental elements:... (Read more)