The New (& the Old) Evangelization

“It lies in the very nature of man that something must be supreme, something must take the place of the divine when this has been excluded; and... (Read more)
As one who has given talks at diocesan engagement encounters, led Cana marriage programs at the local parish and personally advised spouses... (Read more)
People from all walks of life are making predictions about the future. Most of these predictions are pessimistic and downright bleak; some... (Read more)
This week (January 27 through the 31) was Catholic schools week. It has been demonstrated time and time again that the Catholic Church can... (Read more)

Paul at the Areopagus

By Joe Tremblay

The church of Athens was one of the last churches to be established in Greece. According to one theologian, it came into being around the... (Read more)
When Christianity is seen as an exclusive and singularly privileged religion by its adherents, history demonstrates that it does well. In fact,... (Read more)
If we but consult the past, we can anticipate the future. And what does the past tell us about children? Before Christ, children were... (Read more)
God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines What about those mistakes we fret over? What about the “what if’s?” Now, certainly every sinner is... (Read more)
Worldly Singles: No WorriesAlthough the married and family life has preoccupied most of my time in recent years, nevertheless, through... (Read more)
It would seem, then, that the people of God would follow the same course as God who, himself, was “sent into exile” at the time of the Flood... (Read more)

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