The New (& the Old) Evangelization

Monasticism, more than any other way of life on earth, inspires a love of poverty. One man who epitomizes the monastic way of life, arguably... (Read more)
Mohammad was a religious and a political leader. He, along with his followers, conquered other nations by the sword. And henceforth they grew in... (Read more)
Pope Leo X, when he was elected to the papacy in 1512- just prior to the Reformation -was alleged to have said to his brother, “Since God has... (Read more)
The Old Testament prophets were holy men who were persecuted by kings and ostracized by religious elders. If truth be told, their... (Read more)
Recently, I saw a picture of St. Peter’s Square when they announced a new Pope, namely, Pope Benedict XVI, in 2005 contrasted with... (Read more)

Sin and gullibility

By Joe Tremblay

There is an unwritten law in the world of morality: The holier you are, the less you know it. The flipside is also true. That is, the more... (Read more)
Fred A. Allen, a radio comedian who was popular in the 1940s, once said, “A celebrity is a person who works hard all of their life to become... (Read more)
A featured article in the August 13, 2013, edition of Time is "The Childfree Life" by Lauren Sandler. She begins the article by citing some... (Read more)
Studies Confirm It:A study by San Diego State University confirmed what employers toil with on a daily basis and what many of us have suspected... (Read more)
I’m sure you heard about the quote from Pope Francis. During a press conference he made a fundamental distinction between gay activism and... (Read more)

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