The New (& the Old) Evangelization

The Priest: Once a Man of the Streets It is unfortunate that the priesthood is associated- almost exclusively -with parish life;... (Read more)
A recently published article at the American Thinker website, “Homeschooling enrollment explodes” by Rick Moran, shows that the surge of... (Read more)
Foretelling a Nation’s Future: History shows us that the life of a nation can be summed up, and even illustrated, in the life of its... (Read more)
Beyond the Competence of PoliticsWith the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision supporting same-sex marriage rights, the uphill climb to preserve... (Read more)
When praying, there can be a temptation to think that the more prayers we say, the better. For instance, it is a common assumption that when... (Read more)

Every day is Father's Day

By Joe Tremblay

I once attended an annual father-daughter dance with my two daughters at a local school. I always appreciate such events because it reminds me... (Read more)
Step by step: From the parking lot to the altarAs we proceed from the outdoors to the sanctuary, from the business of the week to the Sacred... (Read more)
 Malcolm Muggeridge, renowned journalist from England, friend of Mother Theresa and convert to the Catholic Church, wrote an article... (Read more)
To repeat: How many of us, who sincerely want to do good work for the Lord, spend more time in the office than in the sanctuary? Too many of... (Read more)
In the 1950s, on his Emmy Award winning series, "Life is Worth Living," Bishop Fulton Sheen warned believers – but especially Catholics –... (Read more)

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