Under the Glass places both the secular and religious media’s coverage of the Church and other issues of importance under a magnifying glass to uncover what is hidden between the lines.
Since summer vacation is beginning and soon interns will be coming to CNA, this is a good time to send out a warning: if any of the new kids ever... (Read more)
Every time the Catholic magazine “America” drops a major bomb on the Church in the U.S., it carefully chooses to do so through an article... (Read more)
Famed director Ron Howard recently published an article boldly claiming that his upcoming movie “Angels & Demons,” based on Dan Brown’s novel, is... (Read more)
Alas, the days in which the National Catholic Reporter was respected, and even if not respected, then at least feared, are gone. Even the brave... (Read more)
The dream scenario for "Under the Glass," whose task is to deconstruct the misinformation labeled as “objective” by some in the secular or... (Read more)
Barb Shelly, an editorial columnist from the Kansas City Star, reacted with surprising balance in her commentary on Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s... (Read more)
On Sunday, February 24, 2008, Amy Sullivan wrote: "I'm an Evangelical and a Liberal. Really. As an evangelical who worked in Democratic politics... (Read more)
Fr. Thomas Reese recently wrote an article for the “On Faith” blog of the Washington Post entitled: Benedict Undermining His Own Legacy.   The... (Read more)
Pro-Lifers In Obamaland is the title of a Newsweek web exclusive in which the author, Sarah Kliff, asks the question: "Now that the political... (Read more)
On January 14, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article by Alexia Kelley, Executive Director and co-founder of Catholics in Alliance... (Read more)

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