With Good Reason

Healthcare, Human Life and America

By Father Thomas Berg

Like millions of Americans, I watched the healthcare legislation drama unfold from last summer to its catastrophic climax Sunday night. The 219 to... (Read more)
I would like to dedicate this column to all my Facebook friends. They are probably not aware that a year ago, I wrote a pretty nasty column about... (Read more)

Our Sex-Crazed Culture

By Father Thomas Berg

Last week, I shared my dismay at how “unimportant” sex has become to young adults these days. By this I meant how our culture simultaneously... (Read more)

The Unimportance of Sex

By Father Thomas Berg

I don't often write about sex.But as a priest who has prepared dozens of engaged couples for marriage, I have a unique perspective on the... (Read more)

Recovery in the Big Easy

By Father Thomas Berg

Just days before Super Sunday, I cannot resist writing about a team, and more importantly a city and a people I have come to love. There was so... (Read more)
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (ERDs) offer authoritative... (Read more)


By Father Thomas Berg

Haiti.Prior to January 12, 2010, the name automatically evoked images of immense poverty, exploitation, political corruption, and social unrest.It... (Read more)

What's Wrong With Us?

By Father Thomas Berg

"When does a civilization become incompetent?" mused recently Bret Stephens, the "Global View" columnist for the Wall Street Journal: I've been... (Read more)

Challenging Totalitarianism in 2010

By Father Thomas Berg

Hopefully over the Christmas weekend we were all aware that, while we took advantage of the political and religious freedoms we enjoy in the West,... (Read more)

My Christmas Prayer List for 2009

By Father Thomas Berg

I found myself in a Starbucks in Fishkill, New York last Wednesday afternoon. As I sipped my vanilla latte and overheard pieces of conversation... (Read more)

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