With Good Reason

Since I last wrote in August about the healthcare reform bills currently before Congress, there remains much public consternation and confusion as... (Read more)

What is Marriage? -Part II

By Father Thomas Berg

Last Tuesday, 90 members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill (H.R. 3567) that would repeal the one federal law that currently... (Read more)

What is Marriage? -Part I

By Father Thomas Berg

With New York Governor David Paterson determined to legalize same-sex "marriage" in New York, it's a good moment to revisit this controversial... (Read more)

Stem Cell Research and Cloning

By Father Thomas Berg

Special note: Fr. Thomas will be away for two weeks. "With Good Reason" will resume on September 15. Now let's continue with the Q & A style... (Read more)
Buried under all the uproar over proposed healthcare reform legislation, there has been some significant news this summer regarding stem cell... (Read more)

Is There a Right to Healthcare?

By Father Thomas Berg

In a provocative op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal in late July, Theodore Dalrymple (the pen name of British physician Anthony Daniels)... (Read more)
Growing alarm that an eventual healthcare reform bill would mandate universal coverage of abortion in health insurance has raised the immediately... (Read more)

Obamacare and Abortion

By Father Thomas Berg

The ensuing debate over proposed legislation to overhaul America's healthcare system is generating news and capturing the attention of Americans... (Read more)
Planned Parenthood, the nation's single largest provider of abortions, has recently engaged in some damage control to mend its image, tarnished by... (Read more)
In the course of deliberations at the Empire State Stem Cell Board, my colleagues and I have discussed "ethical" guidelines that would ideally... (Read more)

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