Your Moment in the Mass

The Mass and football

By Dr. Edward Sri

The experience of many Catholics at Mass reminds me of my Italian cousin Stefano’s first time to an NFL football game.  Coming from Italy, Stefano... (Read more)
A few beautiful changes have been made to the translation of the prayer at Mass that comes shortly before Holy Communion is distributed.   The... (Read more)

For all or for many?

By Dr. Edward Sri

Of all the changes in the new Mass translation, two words which will be used by the priest at the consecration have evoked the most questions. ... (Read more)

'I believe…'

By Dr. Edward Sri

Can a one-letter word really make a great difference?  In the case of the new Mass translation of the Nicene Creed, the answer is emphatically,... (Read more)
In the prayer known as the Confiteor (which begins, “I confess to almighty God…”), the new translation of the Mass helps us cultivate a more... (Read more)

'And with your spirit'

By Dr. Edward Sri

Catholics are very familiar with the parts of the Mass—perhaps too familiar. Sunday after Sunday, we recite certain words such as, “Amen…Thanks be... (Read more)

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