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Pope Francis shares gelato with Rome's homeless
Pope Francis shares gelato with Rome's homeless
Pope Francis wants you to teach your kids the sign of the cross
Child asks Pope Francis if atheist father is in heaven
Pope Francis will visit this Santiago women's prison
What Pope Francis will find when he visits Chile
Pope Francis is tired of seeing phones at Masses
Pope Francis: Heaven isn't a 'fairy tale'
We belong to God, Pope Francis says in Angelus
Unemployed? Pope Francis is praying for you.
Pope Francis mourns mass shooting in Las Vegas
Pope Francis 'is fine' after popemobile injury in Colombia
Pope Francis' challenge: Remember the date of your Baptism
Pope Francis celebrates 25th episcopal anniversary
Pope Francis greets NFL Hall of Fame delegation
Pope meets with children survivors of Italy earthquakes
Pope: A good Christian spreads hope – not bitterness
Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley reflects on Fatima's newest saints
Pope Francis: Join me in Fatima
Pope Francis isn't the first pope to visit Fatima
Pope Francis meets modern-day Good Samaritans.
Pope Francis sends message to Egypt ahead of visit
Pope Francis visits Rome center for blind
Pope Francis addresses Super Bowl LI
Expand the horizons of your hearts this Advent, Pope Francis says
The Pope said this act of mercy is beautiful and important
Pope: Mourn your loved ones, but hope in resurrection
Pope on All Saints' Day: Saints knew authentic happiness
Pope Francis leads moment of prayer for Mosul
Pope on US election: Study, pray and choose
Pope Francis: Prayer is a fight, not escapism
Pope surprises kids in latest Mercy Friday outing
Pope pleads for immediate ceasefire in Aleppo, Syria
Priest who moved Pope to tears to be named Cardinal
Pope Francis pays surprise visit to Amatrice
Pope meets with survivors of Nice terror attack
Pope Francis: We must try our best to imitate God's mercy
Pope Francis surprises a neonatal ward in Rome
No sin is bigger than God, Pope Francis says
Pope Francis' challenge - Follow Jesus, not yourself
Pope Francis hosts pizza party for Italy's poor
Pope Francis declares Mother Teresa a saint
Are you a sinner? Run to Jesus, Pope Francis says
After earthquake, Francis sets aside speech and picks up rosary
Pope Francis: We must signal God's mercy, attention
Pope Francis visits St. Maximilian Kolbe's cell
Pope decries
Pope Francis invites Syrian refugees to lunch
From heart to hand: Pope Francis reflects on mercy
Pope Francis entrusts Aleppo to the Virgin Mary
Pope Francis visits Assisi

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