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Letter to Cardinal John Carmel Heenan, President of the Catholic Truth Society
By Pope Paul VI

To Our Beloved Son John Carmel Cardinal Heenan President of the Catholic Truth Society

Your predecessor as Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster founded a truly providential institution, destined by God’s grace to grow and flourish, when as a young priest, one hundred years ago, he established in collaboration with another priest and a noble laywoman the admirable organization known as the Catholic Truth Society.

The apostolic zeal and generous cooperation of clergy and laity have resulted in a century of dissemination of the truths of the Faith among Catholics and others, in your own country and in many lands abroad, and of increased devotion among the faithful. Public lectures, circulating libraries, the Dowry of Mary pilgrimage and, above all, the publication of easily available pamphlets on doctrinal and devotional subjects, have been the outstanding achievements of the Society, to which We are especially grateful for the careful translation and wide diffusion of pontifical and conciliar documents, as well as of the books of Sacred Scripture.

The sincerest judgement on the meritorious success of the Catholic Truth Society is manifested by the foundation of similar associations in other English-speaking countries of the world, which following the programme of your institution, have reaped rich harvests of spiritual enlightenment and grace.

With fervent prayer to God that He may foster and fecundate the work of the Society for a new century of growth and accomplishment, We gratefully impart to you, Beloved Son, to the English and Welsh Hierarchy as Vice-Presidents, to the officers and members of the Society and the Box Tenders, as well as to all the priests and faithful who collaborate so generously with you, Our particular affectionate Apostolic Blessing.

From the Vatican, October 18, 1968.


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