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Letter to the Episcopate of India
By Pope Paul VI



To Our Venerable Brothers
the Archbishops, Bishops and Ordinaries
assembled for the All-India Seminar

On the occasion of the All-India Seminar, it gives Us great joy to greet you, Venerable Brothers, the clergy, and all Our sons and daughters of the country which We love so well.

Representative Catholics of your country have gathered together so that, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the direction of the Hierarchy, they may trace out the path towards a great renewal of the Church in India, according to the mind of the Second Vatican Council.

This is without doubt a peerless occasion for the Church in India. Never before perhaps has an opportunity of such promise for fruitful work been offered. We exhort you, then, to seize this opportunity, and to be conscious, in all your deliberations and discussions, of the need for unity and united effort. This gathering is a visible sign of the unity of the Church, which must be strikingly reflected in word and deed.

Not only the Bishops and priests are ambassadors of Christ, but also the laity. All, whatever their station in life, are called to toil in bringing the message of Christ to the world.

May your labours result in well-defined plans and guidelines for future action, so that all may go forth from this Seminar filled with confidence, and zealous for the goals that are to be achieved.

At this great moment in the history of your beloved country, We pray that you may be open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit; as a pledge of that heavenly favour, We bestow upon each of you and your flocks Our paternal Apostolic Blessing.

From the Vatican, April 22, 1969.


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