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To a group of scouts from Nigeria
By Pope Paul VI

We are very happy to welcome you to Our summer residence. We feel that We already know you because not too long ago We had the good fortune of visiting the beautiful country of Nigeria.

We are confident that We understand the significance and the importance of Your Boy Scout movement for the natural, moral and spiritual development of the young. Your scout oath and your scout law, which We know very well, keep ever before your eyes the grave responsibilities which are yours.

You have just come from the International Scout Jamboree, and there you met other young boys from almost every nation of the world. It was a magnificent sight; the collaboration and cooperation of the scouts have given to the world yet another example of the harmony that could and should exist among nations. Tomorrow, you and others like you will be the leaders of your countries, and it is necessary that you prepare yourselves now for this task. You will need to develop the qualities of leadership upon which the Scout movement lays so much stress.

To be good citizens, you must first recognize your relationship to God Who is the Father of all mankind. We are all His children and therefore brothers of one another. Remembering this, you will always strive to do what is best for yourselves and for your neighbor, and in this way you shall be building the foundations for true peace If you recognize the natural dignity and goodness of others, you will respect their rights.

We hope that you will follow the guidance of your directors and always be exemplary scouts. We shall pray for you and for your families, and We invoke upon you and the Boy Scout movement an abundance of heavenly blessings.


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