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To the Maori visitors from New Zealand
By Pope Paul VI

Once again it is a joy to greet Maori visitors and other friends from New Zealand. With the presence here of His Excellency the Ambassador of New Zealand to the Quirinal we note the importance that your country accords to your visit. We welcome you all in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are happy that your journey of piety brings you also to the Vatican and to the tombs of the Apostles.

Following the example of these Apostles, missionaries brought the faith to your people and preached to them the Gospel of Christ. And today we greet you in his name: in the name of Christ. He alone fulfils the deepest aspirations of all peoples; his is the salvific and uplifting message of love, which we proclaim to you and to all humanity. Linked with this message are all integral development and authentic progress in civilization.

We ask you to take the expression of our paternal solicitude into your homes: to the young and to the old, to all categories of society. The Pope prays that peace and harmony will always dwell in your beautiful land, and that brotherhood will unite you all in the cause of justice and in the defence of human life.

Greetings to all New Zealand!

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