To help our readers celebrate in the 40th anniversary of the visionary document Humanae Vitae, CNA is offering resources to help deepen your understanding of the letter. The complete document can be found here:
Encyclical Humanae Vitae. By Pope Paul VI. July 25, 1968

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Novena Leading to the 40th   Anniversary of Humanae Vitae
Birth Control and NFP: What's the   Difference?
Abortion and Contraception: Fruits of   the Same Tree
A Catholic physician speaks about   the Ovulation Method
Pope Benedict's address to the   International Congress on the 40th   anniversary of Humanae Vitae
Of Human Life - By Archbishop   Charles J. Chaput
Of Human Life - Addendum some   common questions – By Archbishop   Charles J. Chaput
Humanae Vitae: 40 years later, still   about love
Humanae Vitae - To which less   consideration has been given
Forty years later: Pope's concerns in   'Humanae Vitae' vindicated
Is Contraception Sinful? By Fr Lino   Ciccone, C.M.
Humanae Vitae, Control, and Fear –   By Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life
The Holy Spirit and Humanae Vitae –   By Fr. Frank Pavone
'Humanae Vitae' turns 40   Controversial document led to   development of scientifically   accurate natural family planning   practices
Reflections on Humanae Vitae
Why Pro-Lifers Must Oppose   Contraception

Humanae Vitae Pledge


Contraception, Lies and the Truth
Contraception: The Bible and Early   Fathers
Birth Control and NFP: What's the   Difference?
What a Woman Should Know about   Contraceptives
The Christian View of Sex and Family   Planning
The Unintended Consequences of   Contraception


Why Choose Chastity?
Pre-Marital Sex Harms Future   Marriage
Is Chastity possible?
Chastity - A Catholic Truth for   Catholic Youth
10 1/2 Reasons to be Chaste
Pre-marital Sex: Lessons from   Reason, Scripture


Preparing for Marriage
The Meaning of Catholic marriage
Cohabitation and Church's Teaching