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Ciao, I’m Jenny.

I carve out time to write here in this space because I believe in the power of new media (for better or for worse), and in the real impact for evangelization it can have on the digital continent. I’ve been invited here by Catholic News Agency to share some of the stories, struggles, and daily adventures of living out the vocation of Christian wife and mother in an increasingly secular society.

What can you expect to read about here? Well, lots of stuff. Catholicism, for sure. And motherhood, marriage, NFP (Natural Family Planning), mental illnessbioethical issuescultural commentary, parenting, traveling internationally with kids, and yes, okay, diapers.

I’m not a perfect mom and I’m for sure not a perfect Catholic. But I can tell stories, and I can write.

We are each of us called to the mission field, no matter our particular vocation or situation in life. That’s what the New Evangelization is all about.

I hope you’ll join the conversation.