Depression of the maternal variety has been a specialization of mine after pregnancies past, and I wanted to pull together a page of resources for other women, and the men who love them, who are struggling.

First, a round up of my own posts on PPD:

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Next, a fantastic resource website for PPD sufferers.

And another.

Finally, some of my favorite pieces written by other authors about their own struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety.

“To the mama just diagnosed with PPD”Flourish in Hope

“Treating maternal anxiety”Call Her Happy

“Calm down, crazy”A Knotted Life

“Grace in a little white pill”This Felicitous Life

“Hope for the future”Half Kindled 

“Good Catholic moms and maternal depression”Check out that Sunset

And finally, some consoling words from my all-time favorite saint, Pope John Paul II, from a letter to a close friend and a mother to twins who had only recently begun sleeping through the night: “Dear Teresa, I sense tiredness in your letter, which is easy to understand. You always wanted to plan and do everything rationally. And here is the kingdom of irrationality, where normal activity and energy aren’t enough…”

I have dwelt in that kingdom too. Normal activity and energy are not enough. Lean on Him. And don’t be afraid to lean hard. He can take it.