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Bl. Louis Magana Servin, layman

Born 1902. Beatified after publication of 2004 Roman Martyrology. Joseph Anacleto Gonzalez Flores, Joseph Dionisius Louis Padilla Gómez, George and Ramón Vargas González, Joseph Luciano Ezekiel Huerta Gutiérrez, Salvador Huerta Gutiérrez, Michael Gómez Loza, Louis Magaña Servín, Joseph Sánchez del Río and Fr Ángel Darío Acosta Zurita

Luis Magaña Servín was born on 24 August 1902 in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. Growing up, he helped his father work in a tannery.

As a young man, Luis became a member of the ACJM. He deeply loved the Church and was interested in social questions, leading him to study Leo XIII's watershed Encyclical Rerum Novarum. He also joined the "Our Lady of Guadalupe Association", a group that united worker artisans.

Luis always treated poor and rich the same, practicing the advice of Bishop Mora y del Rio of Mexico City, to "treat your workers with love and they will never leave you".

In 1926 he married Elvira Camarena Méndez and they had two children, the second born after the death of Luis.

By January 1927 Arandas had become one of the strongholds of the government resistance. Priests went into hiding, exercising a secret ministry and travelling in disguise. Luis remained a pacifist and did not take part in the Cristeros activity; rather, he helped spiritually and materially as did most Catholics in the area.

On 9 February 1928, a group of soldiers arrested Catholics that supported active resistance against the Government. Luis was not at home when officers arrived at his door, so they arrested his younger brother instead.

When Luis learned that his brother had been taken away, he reported to the general and asked that he take the place of his brother.

"I have never been a Cristero rebel", he said, "but if you accuse me of being a Christian, then yes, that I am. Soldiers who are going to shoot me, I want to tell you that from this moment I pardon you, and I promise that on arriving in the presence of God you are the first ones for whom I will intercede. Long live Christ the King and Our Lady of Guadalupe!".

Luis Magaña Servín was shot at 3 p.m. on 9 February 1928.

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