The McCarrick Report: Full Coverage
The McCarrick Report: Full Coverage
The McCarrick Report: Full Coverage

The McCarrick Report is a 460-page long document issued by the Vatican on November 10, 2020 after the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) asked Pope Francis to investigate decades of Vatican correspondence pertaining to the accusations of sexual abuse that the Holy See received against ex Cardinal Theodore “Ted” McCarrick during the pontificates of John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and - according to former Nuncio to the U.S., Carlo Maria Vigano - under Pope Francis as well.

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Nov 21, 2020 - 03:22 am .-
Nov 17, 2020 - 07:00 am .- A Polish Catholic university rejected Saturday claims that St. John Paul II failed to combat clerical abuse.
Nov 17, 2020 - 04:00 am .- U.S. bishops called for prayer, fasting, and reform during a virtual discussion Monday on the Vatican’s McCarrick Report, which was published last week. The discussion came amid the opening day of a virtual fall meeting of the U.S. bishops’ conference.
Nov 16, 2020 - 01:30 pm .- Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C., called for transparency after the Vatican’s release of the McCarrick Report last week.
Nov 13, 2020 - 04:22 pm .- The McCarrick Report sheds new light on when former Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, knew of allegations made against his predecessor, and what steps he and Vatican officials took to monitor or restrict McCarrick’s travel and residence.
Nov 13, 2020 - 03:20 am .- The McCarrick Report showed that St. John Paul II was deceived about the disgraced ex-cardinal, the president of the Polish bishops’ conference said Friday.
Nov 12, 2020 - 09:15 pm .- Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who served as apostolic nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016, has denied claims in the Vatican’s McCarrick Report which said he failed to act on instructions to investigate Theodore McCarrick.
Nov 11, 2020 - 05:10 pm .- How will ordinary Catholics respond to the disappointment of the McCarrick Report?
Nov 11, 2020 - 03:00 pm .- The McCarrick Report notes that McCarrick contributed thousands of dollars to settle an abuse claim, with the money likely coming from his discretionary charitable fund.
Nov 11, 2020 - 04:21 am .- After the Nov. 10 release of the Vatican’s McCarrick Report, some survivors of clerical abuse told CNA they remain skeptical that the report contains the full truth about McCarrick, and say were disappointed that rumors of McCarrick’s misconduct with adults largely appeared not to have been investigated.
Nov 10, 2020 - 03:00 pm .- An undercover KGB agent tried to befriend ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick in the early 1980s, prompting the FBI to ask the rising churchman to exploit this connection to counter Soviet intelligence, according to claims in the Vatican’s report on McCarrick released Tuesday.
Nov 10, 2020 - 11:25 am .- In the early 1970s, a New York family met a priest. He came to dinner, he came to birthday parties. The family was deeply religious, the priest’s attention meant a lot. He called the boys his nephews.
Nov 10, 2020 - 11:00 am .- The release of the McCarrick Report Tuesday has been given a cautious welcome by lay American Catholics, who urged continued concern for the victims of sexual abuse and commitment to transparency by Church authorities.
Nov 10, 2020 - 10:30 am .- The Vatican’s report on Theodore McCarrick released Tuesday includes a letter written by an American cardinal in 1999, who objected to McCarrick’s potential appointment to higher office, on the basis of existing allegations of misconduct, including incidents involving sharing a bed with seminarians at a New Jersey beach house.
Nov 10, 2020 - 09:30 am .- George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a biographer of St. John Paul II, told CNA that McCarrick was a “pathological personality,” and that his ability to lie to, and deceive those around him was a “hallmark” of his career and rise in the Church.
Nov 10, 2020 - 08:38 am .- The president of the U.S. bishops’ conference said Tuesday morning that bishops will be studying the McCarrick Report issued by the Holy See Nov. 10, and that U.S. bishops are committed to helping victims of clerical sexual abuse.
Nov 10, 2020 - 07:35 am .- The Catholic bishops of the United States expressed their renewed desire for healing Tuesday, following the Vatican’s release of a long-awaited report on the career of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, with bishops stressing their commitment to accountability and concern for victims of abuse. 
Nov 10, 2020 - 06:01 am .- The Vatican’s Secretariat of State published Tuesday a report on Theodore McCarrick, saying that the Holy See had received inaccurate information about McCarrick from three New Jersey bishops prior to McCarrick’s appointment as archbishop of Washington.
Nov 9, 2020 - 12:15 pm .- On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the Vatican’s Secretariat of State will release a report on its two-year investigation into the career of ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who has been found canonically guilty of serial sexual abuse and misconduct, and was laicized in 2019.
Nov 6, 2020 - 05:22 pm .- While the USCCB have several items of business at a meeting this month, it is likely to be what’s said or not said about Theodore McCarrick that gets attention from Catholics during the meeting.

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