Bishop uses sexual education text book as example of moral relativism


Auxiliary Bishop Antonio Marino of La Plata, Argentina has warned Catholics not to fall into a relativistic mentality. As an example, he pointed to the sexual education text books recommended by the country's Ministry of Education.

“There are things that are morally and intrinsically evil and can never be turned into something good no matter what the circumstance or intended purpose,” the bishop explained last week. He then listed examples of these intrinsic evils: abortion, same-sex “marriage” and “imposing a teaching on children that contradicts the morals of their parents.”

This kind of moral relativism is reflected in the “Comprehensive Sexual Education Journal” recommended by Argentina’s Ministry of Education, the bishop cautioned.

He pointed out that while relativism is portrayed as the “foundation for tolerance, dialogue, and freedom of expression—all of which are values that make democracy possible,”  the imposition of such a mentality makes it impossible to speak of absolute truths and rights such as the right to life and the institution of marriage.

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