Bolivian bishops call on politicians to end ‘mudslinging’


The Bishops’ Conference of Bolivia has called on social and political leaders to end name calling and insults because they are only creating more division between Bolivians as the referendum on the new Constitution, set for January 25, draws near.

"We call on all social and political leaders to not deepen the divisions, nor create conflicts or confrontations between Bolivians through messages and campaigns that resort to mudslinging and harm the dignity of the human person," the bishops said in a statement.

The bishops also exhorted Bolivians "to read and fully understand the proposed new constitution in order to be able to vote in conscience." They announced that a document "on the January 25 referendum" would be forthcoming from the bishops "in the coming days."

The statement also noted that the bishops have offered "several reflections on the new constitution, defending the principles and values of peaceful coexistence, manifesting their proposals to the Constitutional Assembly and analyzing the text that was approved in Oruro."

Regarding the television spots being promoted by the Association of Christian Churches and Re-United Churches, the bishops stated that the Catholic Church "is not a member" of that association "nor does she have any involvement in the ad campaign that this Association has been promoting in recent days through television spots" regarding the new constitution.

After reminding members of the media of "their important role in informing and guiding voters," the bishops concluded by calling on the faithful "to maintain unity and practice tolerance towards each other."

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