No law allowing abortion can be moral, say Spanish experts

.- Catholic professors from the University of Cordoba in Spain have published a study on abortion in which they argue that no law allowing abortion can be considered moral.

The study, which is included in a book published by the Diocese of Cordoba, was presented Feb. 1 by Professor Juan Luis Sevilla of the University of Cordoba and Miguel Castro, head of Campus Ministry for the diocese.

Castro said copies of the book will be distributed free of charge throughout the Spanish region of Andalusia “to all those who want a clear understanding of the issue of abortion from a humanist and Christian perspective, but with an academic report.”

Commenting on the Spanish government’s plan to reform the 2010 law on abortion rather than returning to the 1985 law, Castro said, “the Church does not support any law” that considers the unborn to receive less legal protection “than other persons.”

In fact, he underscored, abortion can never be justified in any instance, not even in cases of rape or fetal deformation, as established by the 1985 law.

The Church rejects the current law but also continues to be “in disagreement” with the 1985 one, “because the person in the womb deserves the same protection as the person outside it,” Castro said.

Juan Luis Sevilla, the director of the study on abortion in Andalusia, said Spain’s current law is based on “gender ideology” and is a “legal aberration,” because it “establishes abortion as a right” and allows minors to obtain abortions without parental consent.

For this reason, he said, the 1985 law “can never be good” as it “opened the door to death for innocent persons.”

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