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16 year-old pro-life leader denounces hypocrisy of State and society for protecting abortion


The secretary of the organization Pro-Life Youth of Valencia (Spain), Juan Rivera, denounced the State and society for their “de facto protection of abortion,” saying, “Its hypocrisy to speak about human rights and at the same time pay no attention to those who walk down the street with their hands stained with blood.”

In an interview about the inaugural conference for pro-life youth in Spain, Rivera said, “Our society needs to wake up and defend life with all of its consequences.  That’s why we decided to organize the conference, because we believe the youth must awaken our country’s conscience.”

“It’s not true that young people are asleep,” he continued. Rather, they have become conveniently enslaved to consumerism and to entertainment, “and thus when we say something that rings true we are ignored.”

Likewise, Rivera pointed out, “If a society does not protect life, it destroys itself, and since this is about our future, we want to avoid this.”  “We want to “free ourselves of a future without hope” which some adults are proposing, “and to do that we need to start at the beginning which is defending the right to life of everyone.”

Rivera said abortion in Spain is “practically free-of-charge” and is “the first cause of death in the country” (some 100,000 in his estimate) compared to the “one thousand victims of domestic violence that is talked about so much.  “Abortion is also criminal and bloody violence in the heart of the family itself,” he added.

“We’re facing the dilemma of an egotistical, destructive world without hope—which is the world of the culture of death that comes from abortion—versus a world of peace, hope and forgiveness which is the one we want to build through the culture of life.  We want to break with the abortion past and with a future without hope,” Rivera stated.
“We are fed up with so much hypocrisy, of hearing people talk about solidarity and peace and at the same time not offering it to those who need it most who are the unborn human beings.  We young people are for authenticity and for ideals, and the defense of life is the most necessary and beautiful ideal we can hold up.”

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