Abortion does not bring healing after rape, maintains Mexican woman who chose life

.- In an interview with Mexican columnist Sergio Sarmiento, Lianna Rebolledo, who was raped at the age of 13 but chose to carry her child to term, explained that “abortion is not the solution” to an unplanned pregnancy, even “in cases such as rape.”

Rebolledo said in the interview that during her upcoming visit to the city of Cancun to promote the Forum for the Defense of Life, she hopes to meet the 11-year-old Mexican girl who was raped and is currently 19 weeks pregnant. The girl has been the object of intense pressure from feminist groups to undergo an abortion, but has resisted saying that she understands “a life is growing in her womb.”

Carlos Polo of the Population Research Institute said the girl’s case is the modus operandi of abortion supporters in Latin America who seek to legalize the procedure at any cost.  Rebolledo’s testimony shows that these kinds of situations are not resolved by abortion and that young girls need to be protected and guaranteed a chance to grow and mature in a safe environment.

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