Abortion legalization in Mexico City motivates pro-life activists


The six months of legalized abortion in the nation's capital of Mexico City have triggered significant Mexican pro-life efforts to oppose abortion and to help pregnant women.

Only six of the fourteen hospitals of Mexico City regularly perform abortions.  Three other hospitals have performed only a few abortions because of resistance from doctors and nurses.  Medical personnel at five other hospitals have refused to perform any abortions at all.

Jorge Serrano Limón, leader of the pro-life movement in Mexico, says the movement is engaged in "hand to hand combat" at the entrances of hospitals that do perform abortions. 

The volunteers from Centro de Ayuda de la Mujer, translated as the Women’s Help Center, engage in the struggle for life by offering help to women considering an abortion.  The center provides access to ultrasounds, specialized pre-natal medical services, and shelter during pregnancy.  The center also supplies economic assistance and job training alongside counseling and psychological support.

The Women's Help Center organization is only twelve years old, but already has forty centers across Mexico.  Since its founding, the organization has rescued over 15,000 babies from being aborted.  

The organization has established "mobile help centers" in Mexico City to support their counseling efforts and to reach more women in need.  The Women's Help Center is appealing for donations of money and medical equipment, such as ultrasounds.

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