Abortion money could have funded Mexico City's schools, laments archdiocese


The Archdiocese of Mexico City stated last week that the $24 million the Mexico City government has used to finance abortion since it was legalized in 2007 could have been used to build 300 schools in the country.

According to an editorial by the archdiocese’s news service, the funds provided by the Mexico City government have contributed to the murder of more than 39,000 “human persons in their fetal stage, destroyed with the consent of their mothers, doctors and the government” of Mexico's capital city.

“With this amount of money, 300 schools could have been built, or other social problems supporting life could have been solved, such as providing water to towns, or giving assistance to single mothers, the handicapped or the elderly,” the editorial stated.

“Nevertheless,” government leaders instead pushed "through laws that go hand-in-hand with the culture of death, as is the case with assisted suicide, the legalization of drugs and prostitution,” as well as with “same-sex marriage or surrogate motherhood.”

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