Abortion rights activist who deceived New York Times takes aim at pro-life law in Nicaragua

.- One of the parties involved in a recent scandal which saw the New York Time embarrassed over the publication of false information on abortion in Latin America is now launching an effort against a Nicaraguan law that prohibits so-called therapeutic abortion.

Maria Marta Blandon, who represents the pro-abortion corporation IPAS, has reappeared before the press to demand that the Sandinista government strike down the pro-life law, arguing that doctors in the country can no longer treat women who are showing symptoms of natural miscarriage.

Blandon is the pro-abortion feminist who used a Salvadoran woman named Karina del Carmen as the poster child for the victims of illegal abortion in that country.  In reality del Carmen had been sentenced to 30 years in prison for strangling her newborn baby to death.  Nonetheless, Blandon misrepresented the case in order to raise money to support the decriminalization of abortion in Central America.

The New York Times picked up the story, but later had to issue a correction after the truth came to light.  Blandon never appeared before reporters to answer questions about the matter.

However, this week she showed up in Nicaragua demanding that the government revoke the new law, despite the fact that doctors around the world acknowledge that advanced in medicine mean abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother.

According to Blandon, when the issue of therapeutic abortion was debated in the Nicaraguan congress last October, pro-abortion forces made a pact with the Sandinistas.  “We spoke with many representatives of the Sandinista Party who told us, yes, you are right, but this is a party decision and we can’t vote against it.  But don’t worry, vote for us in the elections and when we win we will clear this up,” Blandon stated.

She claims that a “witch hunt” has been unleashed in Nicaragua.  “Doctors do not want to treat women who show up at hospitals with miscarriage symptoms.  This law is harsh and conservatives held such sway in the previous administration that doctors now fear they will be committing a crime.  We have already seen cases of women checking in hospitals with miscarriage symptoms and nobody wants to treat them. In rural areas women have died,” she said, although she did not provide any specific data.

IPAS, which promotes abortion under the euphemisms of sexual and reproductive rights, has filed a suit before the Nicaraguan Supreme Court in order to reinstate therapeutic abortion.

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