Abortion supporter seeking to represent Mexico before UN


The regional director of the Center for Studies and Integral Formation of Women, Patricia Lopez, denounced the president of the National Women’s Institute, Rocio Garcia Gaytan, for attempting to monopolize the Mexican delegation attending the 54th meeting of the Conference on the Status of Women, which is currently taking place at the U.N. headquarters in New York.

In an article published in the magazine “Grafico,” Lopez said that Garcia Gaytan “refers to herself as the only voice speaking on behalf of Mexico.” The problem is not that there is one voice, Lopez explained, but rather that the pro-abortion position “Rocio Garcia intends to impose”

“It has more to do with intolerance than the search for consensus among the groups in civil society that for years have worked on topics related to women,” Lopez added.

“Rocio Garcia said the only voice that will be heard at Beijing +15 is hers,” explained Lopez, quoting Garcia as saying, “the negotiations are exclusively under my charge and that of the mission, and consequently organizations from civil society have no power to make any statements.”

She noted that Garcia only represents a small minority, not the majority of Mexican women.

Patricia Lopez remarked that her center is committed to fighting authoritarianism and intolerance. “We will make our voices heard and will ensure that the voices of all women, the feelings of all women, not just one sector, are present in the most important international forums.”

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