Accusations by Chavez show lack of credibility, says Venezuelan archbishop


Archbishop Baltazar Porras lamented the recent insults and accusations leveled by officials of the Hugo Chavez government against certain individuals and institutions and said they revealed a lack of credibility.

The archbishop said some officials seem to want “to destroy every institution and everybody” and that not only the president but also those around him in government are losing more credibility each day.

Speaking on Union Radio, he pointed out that “the only thing this kind of language brings is an increase in violence and in the impunity they enjoy.  In no way is this what is best or most desirable for the Venezuelan people and society. They intimidate the media so that it coverers stories from one sole perspective,” the archbishop said.

He also recalled the recent statement by the Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference and underscored their insistence that “we need a different climate, and not continuously accent the division between Venezuelans, so that our actions are not guided by irrationality.”

Archbishop Porras added, “We know that acting out of passion and irrationality only leads to greater craziness.  We need sensibleness, peace and serenity in order to seek out common projects that lead to a better future.”

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