American Indian leaders help Democrats bless convention venue


The smell of sage filled the air as Native American leaders joined organizers of the Democratic National Convention last Friday to offer a blessing for the delegates and for the citizens of the United States.  The convention, held in Denver, Colorado, will run August 25 – 28.

According to a DNC release, members of the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute tribes performed a tribal blessing consisting of burning sage, chants, singing and prayer.  A feather was also used to smudge smoke around the venue.

Speaking to the DNC, the CEO of the convention committee, Leah Daughtry, emphasized the importance of spirituality due to the efforts that go into organizing a convention.  “Our Native American brothers and sisters have a deep understanding of spirituality and its place in our lives. The rich Native American traditions of the West are an important part of our country's history and will be an important part of this historic Convention - set to open right here in just one month's time."

LaMere also focused on the importance of offering a blessing to a “Creator.”  "As a Native American and an active Democrat, I see two important facets of my life coming together.  In one month, there will be talk of Democrats, Republicans, politics and polls. However, I offer that the Creator cares most about heart, commitment, and those who will give voice and care for the people".

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