An insider’s view: Susan Torres’ family ‘overcame enormous adversity and odds’


When 26-year old Susan Torres--brain damaged and kept alive by life support--gave birth to 1 pound, 13 ounce, Susan Anne Catherine Torres last Wednesday, throngs of people were fighting and praying for her.

So says Justin Torres, brother-in-law of the elder Susan, who had become the spokesman for family ever since his sister-in-law was overtaken by previously unknown Cancer on Mother’s Day of this year.

"I'm going to tell [baby Susan], her mother was one of the toughest women I've ever met, that she was absolutely determined in what she did.," he added just after his sister-in-law’s death.

An article published yesterday by Cybercast News Service, for which Justin formerly worked, offered an inside view into a family which Editor in Chief David Thibault said, epitomized “wisdom and determination.”

According to the article, Justin, who was a senior staff writer and CNS from 1999-2001, wrote hundreds of stories dealing with issues including “discrimination against religious broadcasters, the ongoing slave trade and genocide in Sudan, the presidential election recount controversy of late 2000 and the debate over abortion.”

Thibault noted that “While his personal views did not enter his news copy, Justin's colleagues knew how he stood on the issue of abortion. Yet, no story he ever covered for could have exposed the virtues of the pro-life argument as capably as Justin's own personal experience helping his younger brother Jason cope with the impending death of his wife and the hoped for miraculous birth of his daughter.”

“All previous arguments for the need of partial birth abortion”, he wrote, “were demolished. The options available to the Torres family, including the premature delivery of Susan Anne Catherine as soon as her little body could survive outside the womb, have been and currently are available to couples coping with difficult pregnancies.”

“After Susan Torres, in her near death condition, gave birth to a healthy child,” the editor mused, “I wonder whether any of the pro-abortion organizations will even dare to advocate for the availability of the late term procedure that calls for a baby to be partially delivered before the attending physician (and I use that term loosely) stabs scissors into the skull of the infant and sucks out the child's brain.”

Thibault went on to describe Susan Torres and her family as one who “overcame adversity and odds” through “strength, tenacity and prayer.”

With thousands of dollars in donations still rolling in to help husband Jason Torres and the family with ongoing medical expenses and countless prayers being offered worldwide, Justin told reporters Wednesday that he looked forward to someday telling his niece that, “You cannot believe how many people fought for you."

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