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Analyst anticipates Brazilian government will push to legalize abortion against will of majority


A renowned analyst in Brazil anticipates that the country’s government will not stop its campaign to legalize abortion, despite recent polls that show a majority of Brazilians oppose the practice.

Carlos Alberto Di Franco, an expert in ethics, communication and media strategy, pointed to the results of a recent poll by the Datafolha firm, which indicated only three percent of Brazilians consider abortion to be a “morally acceptable” act, and eighty-seven percent totally reject it.

“The results of the poll are a bucket of cold water for the pro-abortion strategy of Health Minister Temporao and confirm a tendency manifested in previous polls. The campaigns of the government do not correspond to the real Brazil,” Di Franco said.

However, he said the “legalization of abortion, regardless of the euphemisms used by some and the ambiguity of the president, is a priority of the government of Lula.  Public opinion is aghast at the articulated campaign that they seek to impose, against the express will of society and in the name of ‘democracy,’ the elimination of the first fundamental human right: the right to life.”

“The legalization of abortion is the first link in an immense chain of the culture of death,” he said, noting that after abortion is imposed the next step will be euthanasia.  “Brazilians are against abortion.  This is not an opinion, it is a fact measured by an opinion poll,” DiFranco continued.  “Therefore the government should move forward with caution.  The legalization of abortion would be, right now, a completely anti-democratic action.  Moreover, there is the question of principles.  Democracy is the system that most genuinely respects the dignity of the human person,” he said.

“Therefore, despite the force of the emotional marketing that is behind the pro-abortion campaigns, the anti-democratic venom that is at the bottom of the abortion slogans is worrisome.  It is incomprehensible how we will obtain a more just and dignified society for human beings through the death of others.  There is an indissoluble bond between the practice of abortion, the massacre of Carandiru and other attacks on life: the human being is considered a disposable object,” DiFranco explained.

DiFranco noted that violence toward children and young people, the climate of insecurity blowing through the large urban centers are “a logical consequence of the culture of death.”

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