Archbishop criticizes United Nations for failing to respect life


Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata, Argentina has criticized the United Nations for spreading ideologies that fail to respect fundamental human rights and the family.

In his weekly television program, “Keys to a Better World,” Archbishop Aguer pointed to the cultural changes that are taking place in Argentina through laws put forth by the self-proclaimed “progressive” minority.

He added that the changes are totally foreign to the nation's cultural tradition.

One such change took place in July, when the country legalized same-sex “marriage.”

The archbishop said these ideas are part of a global plan that is based at “the United Nations and a series of its satellite organizations.”

He said huge amounts of money are behind the attempts to change Argentina and to alter fundamental human rights. “Thus, we can see that there is a conspiracy here in the worst sense of the word,” the archbishop added.

“There is a conspiracy that tends to homogenize thought and conduct in the entire world, and this comes from the centers of world power, especially from the centers of political power, which are sustained by the centers of financial power,” said Archbishop Aguer.

“If this is not a new form of colonialism, a new imperialism, I don’t know what to call it,” he warned.

The archbishop denounced the U.N. for its anti-human and anti-Christian positions and for undermining natural law.

“For several years - at least 15 - we could say, ideologies that are contrary to the nature of the human person, and therefore, man’s dignity, authentic rights and corresponding duties, have been imposed on these world centers of power,” he stated.

Archbishop Aguer noted that at diverse international forums, U.N. officials promote “contraception, abortion and other supposed women’s rights founded upon gender ideology.”


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