Archbishop calls for investigation of security forces after increased drug trafficking

.- Archbishop Francisco Robles Ortega of Monterrey has called for security forces to be investigated in response to indications that drug traffickers have infiltrated positions of power.

“It’s a fact that has been pointed out by several groups. We ourselves (the bishops), in our document on drug trafficking, said that it becomes more powerful and grows when certain leaders become involved.  The advance of drug trafficking cannot be understood apart from the complicity of certain people who, in their time, were in positions of power,” he said.

At the same time, the archbishop cautioned against assigning blame to every member of a given institution and said that instead, “those persons responsible for our security” should be investigated if warranted.

Archbishop Ortega also said that the recent kidnappings in Nuevo Leon are an indication of “the seriousness of organized crime.”  He said the incidents ought to be of concern not only to the populace but also to authorities.

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