Archbishop calls Mexicans to convert and reject violence and hatred


The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, has called on the faithful to seek out true conversion during this season of Advent to bring about the longed-for reconciliation of the country.


“Conversion implies a profound change of mentality, in which the ways of the world are left behind and the ways of the gospel are embraced.  Authentic conversion should lead us to reject injustice, violence and hatred in order to implant justice, peace and reconciliation,” he said during Mass at the archdiocesan Cathedral.


According to the cardinal, the conversion called for by the Gospel “is a change of mentality and of life, necessary not only for those we consider to be serious sinners, but necessary even more for those who believe we are doing more or less alright.”


“Renewing our lives, rectifying our ways should be a daily and universal task, just like breathing and eating are necessary tasks for all in order to be able to live,” he said. 


Cardinal Rivera finished by recalling that Advent “invites us to recover that which is substantial, the essence of our faith. It invites us to the desert to encounter God; it invites us to rectify the way in order to for us to be completely fulfilled. All of us have much to do to make our ways like the ways of God, since up to now the Lord can say to us: My ways are not your ways.”

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