Archbishop calls on Salvadorans to collaborate in eradication of violence

.- Archbishop Fernando Saenz Lacalle of San Salvador has called on Salvadorans to collaborate in the struggle against violence and to “denounce any type of anomaly.”

“Salvadorans should be ready to denounce any type of anomaly and although security forces are working, the assistance of the citizenry is necessary,” he said.

The archbishop acknowledged that many witnesses to violence refuse to testify in court “out fear of being assassinated by the murderers.”  For this reason, he added, people should be prudent in reporting crimes.  According to official numbers, an average of 10-12 murders per day took place in El Salvador during the month of July.  

Archbishop Saenz Lacalle said that simple repression of crime would not help to eliminate violence, but rather the implementation of programs such as the one that helps young people who are released from jail rejoin society.