Archbishop encourages Spanish Catholics to oppose abortion with white ribbon


Archbishop Javier Martinez of Granada encouraged Catholics in Spain to get involved in the different pro-life activities that are emerging, inviting them to wear a white bow during Holy Week as a sign of opposition to abortion.   

Several Catholics groups have called on the faithful to wear white bows during Holy Week to show their support for human life.  “If we wear signs so many times, for example, why can’t we put on a white bow if we want?” the archbishop asked.

Archbishop Martinez recalled that “when the Church defends life she is not going outside her tradition or her experience or her sphere, because the Christian faith is not an ideology, nor does it have anything to do with political struggles.”

The archbishop said the grace of having known Christ “is worth more than life, and we are not willing to question that.”  Therefore, he called on Catholics to publicly express the faith and to feel free “to respond to gatherings that come up in support of life.”

He also praised organizations that help mothers to welcome their unborn children and to reject the temptation of abortion.