Archbishop Gomez launches Latino-oriented educational service on political life

Archbishop Gomez launches Latino-oriented educational service on political life


Archbishop of San Antonio José Gomez, who is also the founder of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL), has written a letter to CALL members announcing the launch of a non-partisan educational service discussing how to apply Catholic moral principles to political life.

It is “increasingly critical,” Archbishop Gomez writes, “for Catholics to form their consciences with a clear understanding of Church teaching.”

Catholic participation in politics, the archbishop writes, must be “based on Catholic moral principles and essential values.”

Citing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s document “Doctrinal notes on some questions regarding the Participation of Catholics in Political Life,” the archbishop notes that democracy succeeds “only to the extent that it is based on a correct understanding of the human person.”

Helping to further that understanding motivates the new CALL initiative, Archbishop Gomez explains.

The CALL educational service will consist of a series of papers that analyze important issues in the coming election, such as immigration, faith and public life, stem cell research, just war theory, and abortion. The service will be distributed via e-mail.
“Each will be studied with the aid of Catholic teaching and will be written by my brother bishops and Catholic scholars,” Archbishop Gomez writes.

“CALL’s aim is to provide readers with reliable information and criteria to use as they consider how they will cast their important vote on November 4,” he continues. “While coming from a perspective of the Hispanic community and the heritage of Catholic teaching, they have value for all thoughtful citizens who seek an understanding of pressing issues and will use that understanding in casting their vote.”

For information about how to join the organization email: [email protected]

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