Archbishop of Oaxaca calls for restoring of order amidst outbreak of violence

.- Archbishop Jose Luis Chavez Botello called on society to collaborate in the restoration of public order in his city of Oaxaca and to report correctly about the actions of federal police agents, because “manipulation only provokes bewilderment, mistrust, fear, and desperation.”

“If…federal agents are to restore order and not oppression, it is important that citizens of moral prestige, human rights commissions, and the media should follow this important task as faithful witnesses and duly report to society,” the archbishop said in a statement.

He stressed that the intervention by federal police was a chance for citizens of Oaxaca to demonstrate they are truly “at the service of the guarantees and fundamental rights of every human person.”

The archbishop called on local residents to accept the intervention with patience and responsibility and to refuse to give in to temptations for vengeance.  “Nobody with a heart scarred by selfishness and hatred can truly help in rebuilding society,” he said.

Archbishop Chavez also encouraged the faithful to “intensify their prayer” and he asked pastors to keep churches open so that people could pray.  “Only in unity, and social responsibility and peace can we achieve a better future,” he stressed.

As of Wednesday morning the Associated Press reports that although federal police have quelled some of the violent protesters, at least one federal official acknowledged the government had not gained complete control of the capital city of 275,000, which has been under siege for five months by striking teachers and leftist anarchists demanding the resignation of Gov. Ulises Ruiz.

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