Archdiocese of Mexico City slams lawmakers for extending hours of alcohol sales


The news service of the Archdiocese of Mexico City recently lamented the irresponsibility of Mexico City's lawmakers who, in addition to approving abortion, have now passed a law extending the hours alcohol sales in the city.

Local establishments will now be allowed to serve alcohol until 5 a.m., instead of stopping sales at 3 a.m.

“The lawmakers themselves take pride in passing laws that ought to be an embarrassment,” the news service stated in an editorial. “It’s enough to recall the law that allows the killing of children up until the third month of pregnancy. These same lawmakers have no concern for the primordial right of children to have a normal family composed of a mother and a father.”

“For now, it’s young people’s turn: they are the first victims of these kinds of irresponsible measures that permit the disorderly consumption of alcoholic beverages.” The article continued noting that the early hours of the morning “are the most favorable for the sale and consumption of drugs, precisely at this moment when Mexico is hurting from the criminal power of organized bands of drug lords.”

After criticizing arguments in support of the new law, which range from creating more jobs to offering more time to consume alcohol at a slower pace, the news service said the only solution is to combat the decision with “the responsibility of society, beginning with parents, who have the difficult task of guiding their teens and young adult children.”  Parents “now will have use their prudence and authority even more to keep (their children) from becoming the fatal victims of these absurd laws.”

“Parents,” the editorial stated, “have every right … to protest against the Assembly when one of their children dies or to even ask for damages when a child dies or is injured for life.”

“And we remind these lawmakers who are only concerned with addressing the interests of the immoral business owners, that one day they will face the inescapable judgment of God, who will demand an account for all of the young lives that have been lost,” the statement concluded.

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